TMK e-Classic

Bike carrier for 2 e-bikes/bikes
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Při nákupu nad 21 000 € doprava zdarma.

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  • 2023 version includes super easy clamping mechanism of FLY models
  • For 2 e-bikes/bikes
  • Load capacity: 50kg
  • DEKRA certificate
  • Package dimensions: 50x70x15 cm
  • Package weight: 10 kg
  • Package includes: Bicycle carrier + light panel
  • Plug in: 7-pin
  • Max. speed: 130 km/h
  • Material: steel
  • Coating: comaxit


About e-bike carrier TMK e-Classic

Bicycle carrier for a tow bar TMK e-Classic for transporting 2 e-bikes or bikes. It is designed to reflect our company's philosophy - versality, lightness, easy handling and perfect foldability (we transport in 50x70x15cm box).

For these reasons it consists of 2 parts - the body mounted on a towing device and 7-pin light panel mounted on the body. Yet, this does not complicate the use :-)

 The bikes are mounted on bended rods that are covered in rubber PVC material. It is soft and anti-slippery.

 Bicycle carrier TMK e-Classic is tiltable and you can access any trunk thanks to two levels of tilting. The first level is for passenger cars and SUVs. The second for utility vehicles and vans.

Tilting works on a simple principle.

Do you have a specific car? Contact us. We will find a solution.