Light & Easy - the most user friendly bike carriers

Super foldable

You don't have to worry with bicycle carrier when you take the bikes off the carrier. You can put bike carrier TMK Light & Easy into your trunk and there will remain still plenty of space left.

They are light

You lift each component separately. The "heaviest" component, the body of the carrier, weights just 4kg

Easy & quick to handle

TMK Light & Easy are easy and intuitive to handle with seatpost clamps you set seats on your bicycles.

In 2023, clamping mechanism si the same as on FLY models - super easy tested with DIN 75303 standard.


manufacturer of bicycle carriers on a tow bar

TMK Light & Easy 01 was replaced by TMK FLY 01.



Can be TMK Light & Easy used on every car?
TMK bike carriers are OK with every type of car, even though with those with spare tire on a 5th door (trunk).
Can I lock my bikes on TMK Light & Easy?

Yes. You can use your own bike lock or we offer Hiplok Z Lok or Hiplok Z Lok Combo in our Products section. The best way to protect your bikes is to lock it together with the body of the bike carrier.

When the bikes are on the carrer, you cannot dismount it with bikes because the construction of Light & Easy bike rack does not allow it. 

How to put the bikes on TMK Light & Easy correctly?
Inversely/zig zag - handlebars to the seat of neighbouring bike.
What is the process of putting the bikes on?

Tow bar bike carriers Light & Easy are mounted quickly, easily and with no tools needed.

How do I tilt TMK Light & Easy?

Easily, see video below. Just remember to push the bikes toward your car before you step on the pedal and start tilting.

How do I dismount TMK bike carrier?

You dismout TMK Light & Easy and Reflex / e-Classic in the same way. The tow bar mounting mechanism is equal.