Revolutionary bicycle carriers for towing device

Why TMK Reflex / e-Classic?


Our bike carries are ideal solution for those who don't space consuming bicycle carrier, especially when going on trips or vacations.

Low weight

You can easily lift TMK bicycle carrier with one hand. The body of the carrier weights 7kg, light panel 2,5kg

Quick manipulation

You will put on the carrier nad bikes quickly without any tools. See below how easy it is to handle.

TMK Reflex/e-Classic 2023 version includes the clamping mechanism of FLY model - tested according to DIN 75303 standard.


manufacturer of bicycle carriers on a tow bar

  • Our bicycle carriers are designed to make your sport experience as easy as possible
  • They enable to transport all types of bikes and e-bikes
  • Fix the bikes with rubber belts, put on a light panel and you are ready to go :-)

2023 version update - Just click 3 times and you can put the bikes on the carrier



Can be TMK bike carrier used on every car?
TMK bike carriers are OK with every type of car except those with spare tire on a 5th door (trunk).
How to put the bikes on TMK bike carrier correctly?
Inversely/zig zag - handlebars to the seat of neighbouring bike.
What is the process of putting the bikes on?

Best seen in video

Fix the pedal of the first bike to the body of the bike carrier. Next, put the bikes on the bended rods, continue with light panel at the end of the rods. Finally, fix the bikes to bended rods with rubber belts. You can fix the wheels together with fixing straps available in accessories.

Are the rubber belts safe and can they hold a bike?

Yes, they serve as a safety bike holding. The most important is to fix the first bike (by pedal) to the bicycle carrier frame using fixing strap.

How do I put on lady bikes? Do I need frame reduction?
Reduction is not needed, hang up the lady bike below seatpost and on the frame.
Can I lock TMK bike carrier?
Yes. To steal bikes from TMK bicycle carrier, the theft must dismount the light panel first. Therefore we offer locking screws to protect your light panel and bikes. 
Do bicycles "touch" while mounted?
Yes, bikes can push on each other, therefore we offer Protection tape you insert between bikes in the point they "touch".
How do I dismount TMK bike carrier?